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Top 12 Desktop app launchers for Windows 10
CircleDock is an interesting program launcher for Windows, mainly because of its unique looks. That’s about it for our list of 12 best app and program launchers for Windows 10.


5 best game launcher software for Windows PC
The best game launchers have special features to optimize your Windows PC for gaming. For example, Razor Cortex has a Game Boosting mode that turns off unused processes to free up CPU...


Google retires Chrome App Launcher for Windows, here's how to...
Google announced that it discontinued its Chrome App Launcher for Windows Desktop. The program will also be discontinued from Mac, but it will remain as a standard feature of Google’s own Chrome OS.


14 Best Free App Launcher for Windows 10
With the launch of Windows 10, things have changed drastically over the year, albeit for the good. Here’s a list of the best app launcher for Windows that can help you make your choice.


22 Best app launchers for Windows as of 2020 - Slant
What are the best app launchers for Windows? 24. The Best 1 of 22 Options. Why? Best app launchers for Windows. Price. Head Tracking.


15 Best Free Application Launchers for Windows
Application launchers provide better functionality that standard Windows start menu. Some of the app launchers can open files and folders as well, and some can launch websites too.


Best Desktop Application Launchers for Windows 10
Windows 10 offers oodles of new features that one can explore and provides one of the best user interfaces overall. We have listed the best desktop application launcher for Windows 10/8/7.


RK Launcher for Windows 10 PC
RK Launcher for Windows. RK Launcher features include: Zooming When the mouse is moved over the dock, all the icons will automatically grow: this is called zooming.


Download Launcher for Windows 10,7,8.1/8 (64/32 bits). Latest Version
Visit Launcher site and Download Launcher Latest Version! Why Download Launcher using YepDownload? Launcher Simple & Fast Download! Works with All Windows (64/32 bit) versions!


GitHub - Wox-launcher/Wox: Launcher for Windows, an alternative...
WoX is a launcher for Windows that simply works. It's an alternative to Alfred and Launchy. Features. Search for everything—applications, UWP, folders, files and more. Use pinyin to search for programs...