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Introduction to External Functions — Snowflake Documentation
Advantages of External Functions. An external function can appear in any clause of a SQL statement in which other types of functions can appear (e.g. the WHERE clause).


DDL for User-Defined Functions, External Functions, and Stored...
External Function Management¶. External functions can be used to perform operations that are not available via the system-defined functions provided by Snowflake. External functions are a type of...


Language Basics / Functions / Description of External Functions...
External functions defined in another module must be explicitly described. The description includes returned type, function name and series of input parameters with their types.


Documentation on MQL5: Language Basics / Functions / Function Call
Description of External Functions. Function call is an expression, the value of which is the value returned by the function.


External Functions - F# | Microsoft Docs
Table of contents. External Functions. 05/16/2016. 2 minutes to read. Syntax. [] extern declaration. Remarks.


Handling external events in Durable Functions - Azure | Microsoft Docs
Orchestrator functions have the ability to wait and listen for external events. External events are one-way asynchronous operations. They are not suitable for situations where the client sending the...


External Functions
External functions are written as dynamic link libraries (DLL's) under the Windows operating system. External functions are identified with a .DLF filename extension. When EES is started...


Functions of Business - Internal, External, and Support
External functions are mainly promotional activities performed out of the premises of a business Support functions are ancillary (assisting) activities that aid the functioning of internal and external...


External functions API - MoodleDocs
External functions API - MoodleDocs


Working with External Functions
For example, suppose you had two external functions: SmallFunction and BigFunction. SmallFunction is a small function that requires few resources to instantiate and is called infrequently.