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Introduction to External Functions — Snowflake Documentation
Advantages of External Functions. An external function can appear in any clause of a SQL statement in which other types of functions can appear (e.g. the WHERE clause).


External Function Concepts — Snowflake Documentation
Introduction to External Functions. External Function Concepts. When evaluating the external function as part of the query execution, Snowflake reads the external function definition, which...


Platform-Independent Information for Creating External Functions...
Ensure Your External Function is Stateless Avoid Side-effects Develop and Test External Functions One Step at a Time


Description of External Functions - Functions - Language Basics...
External functions defined in another module must be explicitly described. The description includes returned type, function name and series of input parameters with their types.


External Functions - F# | Microsoft Docs
External Functions. 05/16/2016. 2 minutes to read. The first argument is a string that represents the name of the DLL that contains this function, without the .dll extension.


External Functions - F# | Microsoft Docs
External Functions. 05/16/2016. पढ़ने के लिए 2 मिनट्स. इस आलेख में. This topic describes F# language support for calling functions in native code.


External functions API - MoodleDocs
External functions API - MoodleDocs


Using External Functions
External functions are functions that are implemented outside the query environment. DataDirect XQuery supports two types of external functions: Java and SQL.


FORTRAN 77 - External Functions and Subroutines
The external function returns one value via the name of the function and the subroutine may return zero or more values via an argument list.


External functions
External function data sources are yet another variety of variable data source. We refer to these two types of external functions as native code external functions and Python external functions...