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Importance of keeping farm records
Keeping farm records is an important part in farming. The records have to be accurate and up to Farmers in Kenya should always have their farm records ready before they do any financial analysis, financial decisions or budgeting. Its always important to have records as a farm manager because


The Importance Of Farm Records In Agricultural Production
Farming is a business and good farm records keeping helps the farmer to plan and do a realistic forecasting. Records keeping provides valuable information on the methods that work and why others did not. In budgeting, the farmer can better predict price changes of inputs and produce from...


A wheat farm in Narok. Accurate record-keeping greatly contributes...
Record-keeping assists the farmers to keep track of their farming enterprise, analyse their efficiency and quickly detect changes in production and implement corrective measures swiftly. There has been a continual misconception by farmers that records are difficult to keep and have no value addition.


The importance of keeping farm records in agricultural production
Keeping accurate records has its benefits, like helping farmers plan and complete realistic forecasting for the next year. Record-keeping provides valuable information on which methods work. The farmer can better predict price changes of inputs and produce from expenditures and sales records...


Importance of record keeping at livestock farm — Vikaspedia
Record keeping is a necessary element of good livestock business management. With no written records, farmers have to depend on their memory while making decisions regarding their farm practices. But, memories can become unreliable after a few days, months or years.


Below are the benefits/importance of keeping farm records
Record keeping is an essential tool to any business or activity. In the present day farm operations are becoming more and more business oriented, but The key to becoming a successful farmer today is being a producer as well as good financial manager. Its also an essential for a farm manager to keep...


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However, record keeping plays a much larger role in business. Farming is a business and records can be helpful in planning improvements for that Farm managers need a complete and accurate farm records system in order to make informed management decisions that will help maintain or improve...


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Recordkeeping for Certified Organic Farms. Web Resources for Farm Planning and Recordkeeping. Visitors flock to Chatham for the beauty of its rural landscape. The challenge is to preserve this rural landscape in the face of development pressures from Raleigh and Chapel Hill.


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Farm Recordkeeping Form Templates – includes multiple forms: List of Organic Certification Records. Field History Sheet. The Chatham County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension has long recognized the value and importance of the sustainable agriculture practiced by small farms in the...


Importance of Keeping Good Records for Agricultural Business
Importance of Keeping Good Records for Agricultural Business