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DVD/CD player not playing audio Cd's (win8 laptop) | Forum
However, it will not play any audio cd's. If i insert an audio disc (all legal bought cds), the disc drive makes spinning noise, trying to read the disc, but noting happens. The audio disc works fine in a regular cd player, and the laptop disc drive can play regular DVDs without any problem.


DVD/CD player not playing cd's - Microsoft Community | Forum
· Are you able to play CD in any other player? I have few steps which might help you: Method 1. Run the “Fix it” tool from the link given below. Then, click Run now button from the Automated Troubleshooting Services page and follow the steps in this wizard. Your CD drive or DVD drive is...


Burned CD's will not play in Cd player. - Microsoft Community | Forum
Downloaded music to a memorex CD-R disc, no problem, plays great in my laptop but not at all in my car cd player or in my home cd player. It is a new computer, two weeks old. Remember - This is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers!


cd/dvd player not playing cd - Dell Community
: Storage, Drives & Media. : cd/dvd player not playing cd.


cd/dvd player not playing cd - Page 2 - Dell Community
: Storage, Drives & Media. : cd/dvd player not playing cd.


RE: CD/DVD player will not open or eject when pushed on
Is there a secret to getting my cd player on my Inspiron 5421 to open/eject? I have had my dell laptop since April and the disc drive won't open/eject.


CD player not reading or play music - HP Support Community...
CD player is not reading my software. Music either...Tried FIX IT system. The drives is working properly. Tried to uninstall as per instruction and REScan...nothing. I have not put any new Software laterly....All drivers are upgradeby my PC ...I need to install my New Job Software...I'm in trouble HELP!


SOLVED: Cd player not playing - Fixya
cd player not playing '01 Jeep Wrangler factory cd player. No cds will play at all. gives Error message and spits - Jeep AM/FM Cassette with Contributor. 3 Answers. Re: cd player not playing. I would go to walmart and buy the disc....its like $10 and made by phillps. After you just put it in your disc slot and...


my cd player is not playing - Sony Audio Players & Recorders question
Not all CD players can or will play CD's burned in a PC. Sometimes the CD player is to old, so not compatible with these CDs. All modern CD playes should be capable of playing CD r's. But the player that is really compatible, is labelled CDr and CDrw compatible.


SOLVED: Why does the cd player not play? - Fixya
This is what happened just before it stopped playing. It played the first track and shortly after the second track began you can hear the music RCA Master. 57,963 Answers. Re: Why does the cd player not play? If your shelf system is more than, say, 5 years old the symptoms you describe...