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After helping a cat, a seventeen-year-old girl finds herself involuntarily engaged to a cat Prince in a magical world where her only hope of freedom lies with a dapper cat statuette come to life.


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... production committee: Mitsubishi Corporation "The Cat Returns". Mayumi Hirakata. ... production committee: Nippon Television Network "The Cat Returns". Ken'ichi Hirano.


Boзвращение кота (2002) - Boзвращение кота (2002) - User... - IMDb
'The Cat Returns' is yet another treat produced by Studio Ghibli, the company which brought us Let me start by saying that The Cat Returns is not the best of Ghibli and Miyazaki had almost nothing to...


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The Cat Returns, Haru Cosplay Breakdown! The Cat Returns - Celebrate Studio Ghibli - Official Trailer.


The Cat Returns - Official Trailer - YouTube
The Cat Returns - Official Trailer - YouTube


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[ adapted from Baron: The Cat Returns (manga) ]. Alternative title In return she's going to receive lots of favors, including marriage to the crown prince of Cat Kingdom.


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Aurally, The Cat Returns cannot be faulted. The musical score from Yuji Nomi (Whisper of the Heart) is pleasantly orchestral and charming, and the ending theme song which accompanies the closing...


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Story: The Cat Returns is a side story to the Studio Ghibli film, "Whisper of the Heart'. In essence, it is a separate story within a story, which makes the concept quite clever.


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The Cat Returns features two characters from "Whisper of the Heart" 1.Muta (the cat from The cats in Nyan Koi could easily be cats you see in The Cat Returns (attitude and personality wise).