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Scrabble History | Making of the Classic American Board Game
Learn all about how Scrabble, the classic American board game, was created by Alfred Mosher He also noted, "...there is one thing that keeps word games from being as popular as card games: they The SCRABBLE game is born. Legend has it Butts studied the front page of "The New York Times"...


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The official Scrabble website, brought to you by Hasbro. Find all there is to know about Scrabble board games, hints, tips, tournaments and MORE!


Scrabble Tools | Scrabble Dictionary, Word Builder, Score Sheets and...
Find useful Scrabble tools on the official Scrabble website by Hasbro: Official Scrabble Dictionary, Word Builder and Scrabble Printable Resources. You won't find every word in the English language, but you will find all 100,000+ words in Merriam-Webster's Official SCRABBLE Player's Dictionary, 4th...


Who invented the game Scrabble - Answers
Alfert Mosher Butts invented Scrabble. It was created in 1938 and the trademark process was completed in 1948.


Why did Alfred butts invent the game scrabble - Answers
The board game Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts and was originally called Lexico. It was trademarked Scrabble in 1948. The exact year is hard to pinpint because the inventor of Scrabble, Alfred Butts, created a game called Lexiko in the early 1930s.


When was the Scrabble game invented - Answers
Upwaords board game was invented by Elliot Rudell and published by Milton Bradley Company. Upwords also known as Scrabble Upwords in the United States and Canada. because he was forced to invent a game that is played inside, so he invented the game of basketball.


History of Board Games, Playing Cards, and Puzzles
Backgammon is a two-player board game that involves dice throws and the strategic moving of Leonard Marks of Roslyn, New York was the inventor. Lakeside Toys also invented the bendable Charles Darrow became the first millionaire board game designer after he sold his Monopoly patent...